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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Whats For Dinner Mom?

That question must be asked in 99.9% of households not only in America, but all over the world!  How we moms manage to answer that question everynight can be a challenge to our sanity.  Some nights there is no question whats for dinner, and other nights we cringe at the thought of having to do one more thing. But... if we plan ahead, and take small shortcuts when we can, then its relatively easy to pull off the daily "whats for dinner mom?" question.

So.... what WAS for dinner tonight mom?  Well, tonight in a matter of one hour, I put together a dinner of barbecued pork tenderloin along with some yellow rice and sauteed green and yellow squash.  A simple meal, but one that tonight received comments of: "Wow, that squash looks so good" and "Mmm.. this pork tenderloin is soooo good".  Lets take a look at what we had.

Yellow and Green Squash

Barbeque Pork Tenderloins

Yellow Rice

Yes...that was what was for dinner......

For the pork tenderloin I simply rinsed it and sprinkled on some salt, pepper, garlic powder and some five spice powder and rubbed them with a little olive oil and roasted them for 1 hour on 375 degrees.  For the rice I simply combined some water and olive oil and put it in a one quart casserole dish with a lid and cooked it on high for 5 minutes and then of 60% power for 15 minutes.  For the squash, a simple garlic salt and pepper mixture was used and I sauteed it in Coconut Oil and Butter until it was nice and tender.  Yes, yes, i hear you all out there....WHAT?? she didn't make the rice from scratch???? it was a no salt rice mix???  Yes, it certainly was! Good food does not have to come from scratch everyday to be really loved by our families, it just needs to be made with love.  Afterall, love is the only reason that we accomplish anything in life.  Here is hoping you try this meal with a little love for your family.


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